Burn Calories

UCLA Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory study study measures energy expenditure for Summerboard and compares to the energy expenditure of other exercise regimens like jogging, stationary biking and more.

Burn More Calories
Higher calorie burn than jogging, riding a stationary bike, and even snowboarding

Muscle Exercise
Inner/Outer Quads, Hamstrings & Glutes snowboarding muscles

Exercise Goals
Hit your goals while having fun and shredding instead of boring exercises

Activity Comparison Chart

Key Discoveries

1. The Summerboard users showed a very high energy expenditure. On a scale of 1 being sleeping and 10 being jumping rope, the Summerboard was an average 9.9!

2. The experienced riders showed less intense muscle activation than the beginners. This is expected, because like most balance/skill sports, the user becomes more comfortable and familiar over time, and uses less energy overall once muscle memory is developed.

3. The results were able to develop an algorithm that can determine a highly accurate calorie burn for Summerboard over any time period based on your weight, height, gender and age. This calculation is included in the Summerboard Calorie Calculator you can try for yourself here: https://summerboard.com/calories

Try the calorie burn calculator

Input your height, weight, age and session time to get an accurate calorie burn estimate for you riding Summerboard! This algorithm will be featured in our upcoming mobile app, but you can try it for yourself here: