"It really does feel like you're snowboarding!"

Imagine rushing down a mountain, gliding through turns in the snow.

Summerboard delivers those epic moments every day, on demand.


The season ticket that never expires.

Ride Like a Snowboard

Get winter turns at your fingertips and ride everywhere, in any season, just like a snowboard.

Person with Summerboard

Easy Exits, Confident Ride

Shred with peace of mind and confidence with the ability to jump off anytime.

Person with Summerboard

2-Year Warranty

Built tough and backed by our unmatched 2-year warranty on key parts like our motors and trucks.

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The $2 Lift Ticket

Affordable shredding as low as $53 per month** with flexible payment options.

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3-Day Learning Process

You'll be shredding winter turns in three sessions or less with our Video Training Series and live coaching option.

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See why the Summerboard is the next big thing


Speeds up to 27 mph


Battery range up to 12 miles


Slide and spin in any direction


Shred inclines like never before


With rugged screen


Extend your range


With thrilling exercise


Level up your skills
Financing Payments as low as


per month**


Apply in Seconds
Set your Schedule
Shred Now, Pay Later


  • "It just mimics a snowboard to a T. You can literally shred 365 days a year. Gotta get yourself one."

    Bryan Belcher

    Verified buyer
  • "Just buy it. If you like to snowboard you're going to love the Summerboard, it's that simple I promise hahah. Once you get the balance down on it you're gonna wanna go as fast as you can. If you're ever in Vegas bring your board let's rip!"

    Steven Cole

    Verified buyer
  • "I’m totally hooked! Took me a while to work it out, but once I did, it was amazing! Just got back from my first ride and thought I’d let you know how appreciative I am for your customer service and follow up. "

    Jason McMenamin

    Verified buyer
  • "I still get this crazy high feeling when I go out to ride, like snowboarding around Brooklyn is just not something I’m supposed to be able to do."


    Verified buyer
  • "This is exactly like snowboarding. It gives you the same feeling of the shred, drifting and carving."

    Nick Cleveland

    Verified buyer

Keepin’ it Real

How will i use it?

Imagine shredding your city, carving your commute, or just stepping outside your front door to find 30-minutes of snowboarding zen each day. When we say that you can be a snowboarder every day, we mean it - our customers take their boards everywhere with them, and always find an empty slot in the day for a quick shred sesh!

It is difficult to learn?

Just like anyone who has learned to snowboard, you will not master this in the first five minutes. Our riders gain solid proficiency and can shred in the first few hours, including speed control, and completing basic carves and slides. You can shred on the first day if you’re willing to commit to a few hours of practice.

Is it too expensive?

Would you pay $2 for a lift ticket? Even if you bought a brand new Summerboard every other year, that’s the daily cost of riding with the new $1599 SBX model. We turn snowboarders into everyday riders - without the cost of transportation, lodging, gear, and passes. Having the experience of shredding this accessible and economical is life-changing for any snowboarder.

Is it dangerous?

The Summerboard carries the same, or lower risk, as mountain biking, roller blading, or skateboarding. The good news is that, unlike snowboarding, you’re not locked to the board. So, if the board goes down, you can step off. In fact, this is the first skill we teach you. Bottom line: Ride free without being locked down.

Is it only for summer?

The Summerboard is built to ride year-round. In fact, many of our customers ride their boards in the middle of the winter. Why? Because if you ride the Summerboard regularly, you’re strong enough to take the first lift up and the last ride down, even on your first day back on the slopes.

Is it a lot to maintain?

If you think a bike is not a lot to take care of, then you’ll love that the Summerboard is even easier to maintain. For the average daily experience, simply charge it and ride it. If you’re shredding daily, every few months consider rotating wheels or replacing a belt in less than ten minutes, using our Easy Care Guide and toolkit.