The revolutionary ride

Summerboard is not just another electric board; it's a revolutionary experience with its unique ability to drift, slide, and spin with electronic power, conquering any city terrain with total control.

Built by boarders

Everyone in our company is obsessed with all things boarding including surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding. We bring this passion to everything we build for the most epic ride in the world - the Summerboard.



Switch Training Series

All new training series that will train anyone to ride switch in 6 weeks or less!

Go through this training series and double the fun by riding both ways.

Visit to find out more


V2 Battery Launch

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The FOAMIES footholds are a game-changer for new riders, making the learning process much faster and easier. They are also super helpful in learning how to ride switch.


Summerboard Mobile App

The new frontier for the Summerboard is our mobile app, which was developed and launched in 2020.

The mobile app will enable community engagement, ride tracking, calorie counting - but also trick detection, trick scoring and Summerboard games and challenges that make use of the on-board sensor and the mobile app.


Shipping the Summerboard

The start of a new era began when the Summerboard started shipping in 2019.

The new model was a massive upgrade that our customers loved - and compared the upgrade like going from a blackberry to an iPhone.


Building the Summerboard

After even more lessons in the field, we realized that we had taken the V2 as far as it could go, and now needed a brand new model. Therefore, we started development on a new model that would hold our original company name - Summerboard.

We also developed the revolutionary Powerball Drive Wheel, which made learning and riding so much easier and more intuitive.


Launching the V2

We learned a ton over the first year of shipping and getting feedback from our customers.

We integrated more than 30 improvements to the original board we shipped, so in September of 2017 we launched the LEIFTECH V2 model.


Now Shipping

The first 5 months were spent developing the molds to create the LEIFTECH board, and on May 15th 2016, we shipped out the very first production board.

The last 6 months of 2016 were spent shipping pre-ordered boards.


Building the LEIFTECH

We quickly realized that the crowdfunding stage was not nearly enough to get us over the finish line on the product.

So we continued taking pre-orders on the website and working day and night to get the board from a prototype to a working product that a customer won’t break the first day.

By New Years Eve, we had our first product.


Proof of Concept

The first year was spent developing a working proof of concept, which was launched in May 2014.

Then the rest of the summer was spent improving and filming a crowdfunding video worthy of your support.

Then the rest of the summer was spent improving and filming a crowdfunding video worthy of your support.

We raised nearly $70k on Indiegogo over the last 3 months of 2014 under the first product name LEIFTECH.


Launching Summerboard Inc.

Aaron envisioned the original Summerboard design during a post-thanksgiving food coma in 2013. Once that idea was born, there was no looking away.

Summerboard Inc. was established in December 2013 to bring Aaron’s invention to market through a company that would be dedicated to making snowboarding an everyday sport.


The idea of Summerboard dates back to Aaron’s childhood. Coming from the midwest, he only had a precious few days to ride the waves, lakes and mountains each season.

As a kid, Aaron would dream about ripping through his hometown of Indianapolis, and bring the drift feeling of these board sports to everyday life.

Now Aaron’s dream is a reality - and he is sharing this dream with you and all fellow boarders around the world!


Founder & CEO


"Summerboard gives you the same feeling of the shred, drifting and carving."

- Sam Sheffer, The Verge


Experience the freedom of being a snowboarder every day with the only board that lets you hold and control the edge like you do on the slopes



Battery Life

27 MPH

Top Speed