Why walk when you can ride?

When it comes to moving around her city near Paris, France, Stella can be found stuck to her Summerboard.

As a 3D printer, Stella or STL (as it can refer to her name or Stereo-Lithography in 3D printing) loves engineering new items and new moves.

Whether doing tail presses, spins, nose presses, or massive slides, she’s up for anything that brings the sensation of adrenaline and freedom especially with Freshies that add that extra level of excitement.

Stella doesn’t care where she rides as long as it’s with friends – although riding in nature where few people are around gets a leg up.

Whether it’s flying drones and training FPV or creating intricate geometric shapes with ultraviolet lasers or sharpening her sweet moves, Stella engineers everything she does with fun.



Where are you from and where do you live now?

Im from France and im living next to Paris.



What do you like about the city / town you live in?

I like to be not so far from my work. But i prefer nature and place with not so much people.



What would you call yourself?

Stella or STL cause in 3d printing mean STereo-Lithography



What sparked your interest in Summerboard?

I Tried One and found this soooo fun



What does the Summerboard help you do?

I use it for riding but also to move around the city. I dont really like walking so now im stick to the board



How often do you ride?

Every week! I like to ride with other people and find so new spots



What other sports or hobbies do you have?

I'm into drones and engineering. And yes i like drone im training FPV right now



Where is your favorite place to ride?

No matter if its with friends


What would you tell a snowboarder that has only seen Summerboard online, and is wondering if this board is legit or not?

Try it with the Freshies!