Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Job Details

Is your background a fit?

Ability to quickly learn and use new technologies

Natural ability to apply first principles thinking to invent simple solutions to complex problems

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science

5+ years of experience with developing commercial embedded software

Comfortable working with open source tools/libraries (such as Arduino)

Experience working with 2.4ghz radios (such as nRF24L01)

Experience developing 9-axis sensors (such as TDK ICM-20948)

Experience developing OTA firmware updates

Knowledge of C & C++ programming languages

Experience developing STM32

Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python is preferred


Goal Details

Do our goals sound exciting to you?

We have the most incredible rideable experience on the market - and we are looking to enhance this experience for the first time ever using embedded sensors and software.

Our Senior ESE will be adding features to the Summerboard that will allow our riders to get real time riding feedback, track sessions, connect with other riders, receive automated coaching, receive scores when doing tricks, compete with other riders, track calorie burn and ride with a safer and more fun experience. These features will pair with our mobile app to provide a customer experience that cannot be matched by any other product on the market!

To be successful, the Senior ESE will be a self starter, confident picking up and learning new technologies and implementing features to be tested and tuned in the field alongside our test pilots at the most demanding riding locations like Griffith Park, Turnbull Canyon, Laguna Beach and other steep riding locations.

Snowboarding experience is a bonus, but not required.


Application Process

If you are interested in applying

We want to know what you have built!

Please submit your resume by email to aaron (at) summerboard (dot) com and include a brief PDF or Google slideshow showing off your most relevant and most impressive projects that you have shipped to market.

We will be diligent in our candidate analysis, but when we find the right candidate, we will make an offer very quickly.