Snowboarding is our passion

We are obsessed with snowboarding. It gives us a deep joy and ability to be present — and nowhere else.

For us, this love happens in motion, sliding and carving, pushing the body, feeling the speed and the balance, and earning the runner’s high after a good hard ride.

When we're there, we're only there, and somehow everything slides into place and makes sense.

We return home fuller and better for the time we spent engaged with this love.

We bring the experience and love of snowboarding into the daily lives of snowboarders around the world.

Our Community

Experiencing and sharing this passion together pushes each of us further.

Our community is supportive, inclusive and rooted in the shared love of snowboarding.

Our community is mostly snowboarders, but also surfers, rock climbers, musicians, and engineers who get lost in their own passions.

People who seek to master challenges, rather than finding ways around them.

We share our styles and techniques, each contributing to an ever-expanding community of support and inspiration.

Join our community and ask a customer about their experience.

Our Flow

Flow is a way of breathing the love in and out.

It’s Summerboard. It’s riding with friends, tweaking our personal style, developing skills and shredding with intensity.

It’s snowboarding, not skateboarding.

It’s snowboarding without snow, on flat ground or uphill.

It’s fun, fast, exhausting - and it’s where we recharge with our deep love of snowboarding every day.

We hope you’ll find your love, your community, and your flow too.

And if snowboarding is your thing, we hope you’ll join us.