Your 365 day snowboard has finally arrived


LEIFTECH makes the world's first electric skateboard that simulates the feeling and experience of a snowboard, so you can shred the pavement like you shred the slopes


Get a great workout while having way more fun than you ever had at a gym.

Get exclusive access to our Facebook group for Urban Shredders

Ride for hours on a single battery charge

Learn how to ride the LEIF quickly with our video lessons and challenges

How it Works

Tilt and Drift

Center wheel tilt system provides snowboard mechanics - not flat like a skateboard

360 Drive

The magic of the LEIF is the powered 360 degree drive wheel

Slide to Stop

Stop just like you’re on a snowboard by sliding on the edge wheels

Foothold Control

Maximum board control with footholds to jump

Safety – Easy Bail Out

Easy to jump out of footholds in case of emergency

Acceleration and Braking

Control speed with a wireless remote – like controlling the pitch of the mountain to accelerate and even brake

Swap Batteries

Change batteries in seconds and extend your riding range

Shred Through Debris

The Leif powers through debris in your path without a problem

Finance your V2 Board

Monthly Programs

Pay for your order over 12 months at 0% APR or as low as $49.92/mo*

No Pre-Payment Penalties

Pay back the loan in monthly payments and prepay at any time without penalty

Apply in Seconds

Checking your eligibility won't affect your credit score - get a decision in seconds!

Made In LA

Each LEIF is built, tested and shipped from our headquarters in Los Angeles

Certified Customer Reviews

"This board is revolutionary. I don't use that word lightly, it really is. Now I get to snowboard any day I want. It is a game changer for me"

Jason, Florida

28 OCT 2017

"I knew this board was going to be fun, but I didn't expect it was going to be an addiction:) Even though the roads were a bit wet and it was dark, I still couldn't stop. "

Kris Van, Netherlands

25 OCT 2018

"This thing is absolutely mind blowing. As a snowboarder I can appreciate this more than anything I’ve ever purchased before. "

Aaron Boston, California

18 OCT 2018