Be a LEIF OG in Your City

Discounts, free beta gear, exclusive access & more

We have been looking for ways to build communities and get more people on LEIF - because lets face it, snowboarding and riding LEIF is more fun with friends!

Therefore, we are looking for LEIF community leaders that we're calling the LEIF OG program. In conjunction with this program will be the launch of the LEIF Experience - where people looking to try the LEIF will pay $40 for an hour of training with a LEIF OG. 100% of that $40 will go directly to the LEIF OG - our cut is zilch, zip, none! The rider even gets a $40 off coupon for the board, making the lesson free.

What LEIF OGs Get

  • 50% off any item in the LEIF store (for personal use only)
  • 100% of the LEIF experience fee ($40 per experience) 
  • Board vote to LEIF customer advisory board
  • Budget and creative control to host local periodic LEIF events
  • Access to FREE beta test technology in the works (currently working on a number of riding accessories including a carrying backpack, foothold pads, toolkits & more)

LEIF OG Responsibilities

  • Moderate the local section of the new LEIF community forum
  • Host local LEIF experiences in the location of your choice
  • Host one 4-hour 'demo day' per month in the location of choice
  • Organize at least one customer group ride per month in your city

Apply Now

Send an email to if you are interested in becoming a LEIF OG in your local city!