Summerboard Mobile App

Join us in beta-testing the new Summerboard mobile app on iOS and Android

Download on the Apple App Store here

Download from the Google Play Store here

Main Screen

Control Center

Release Notes:

Upcoming Release:

- remote battery level will be live

- ability to update firmware (new board firmware required for remote battery level)


Current Release 1.0.1

- launched on App Stores for Apple and Google


1.0.0 (16)

- All functions working on iOS and Android


1.0.0 (13)

- Add remote control dead-band control


1.0.0 (10)

- Remove non-functional areas (challenges)


1.0.0 (7)

- Remove mileage for bug fixing


1.0.0 (3)

- Remote pairing capability

- Non-functional buttons and sliders for upcoming features


1.0.0 (2)

- Settings screen on swipe down

- All buttons and sliders are non-functioning


1.0.0 (1)

- Connect to board via bluetooth

- Board battery level

- Motherboard temperature