Now Shipping with Water Resistance

Now Shipping with Water Resistance
Our mission is to snowboard everywhere - and this means all pavement, especially the uneven, dirty and with puddles the size of Lake Mead like we have here in Brooklyn.

Therefore, we built the LEIF to be ready for anything. When designing the LEIF, we realized that we have a huge advantage when compared to electric skateboards. On an electric skateboard, you need the entire surface of the deck to move around and place your feet. The LEIF has snowboarding mechanics, which leaves a large space in the center of the board that won't be used.

<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-69911" src="" alt="leif-render-04-elevation" width="1024" height="376" /></a>

Moving the electronics to the top of the deck has a few major advantages:
<li>The electronics are protected from water splashing, which happens on the underside of the deck. No other electric board has the same protection.</li>
<li>The bluetooth receiver has a much more direct route to the remote control since there isn't a thick maple/fiberglass deck blocking the signal. The result is rock-solid wireless connectivity.</li>
<li>This larger space allows for much larger heat relief. In fact, the LEIF has exactly twice the recommended heat sink area, so in hot weather or constant riding - the LEIF will not overheat.</li>
Water splashing will not cause permanent damage to any electrical components on the bottom of the board.  Riding in wet conditions will increase maintenance and cleaning, but will not kill the electronics.

If you do live in a particularly wet area of the world, we recommend outfitting your LEIF with waterproof ceramic bearings. Just like any skateboard, standard steel ABEC bearings will eventually lock up with repeated use in wet conditions. Ceramic ABEC bearings will not rust, so moving to all-ceramic bearings like <a href="">Bones Swiss</a> bearings. You will need 12 total for one complete set (2 bearings for each of the LEIF 6 wheels).

Life is a journey - one that sometimes goes through puddles. Take your LEIF, and turn your journey into an adventure!