Learning to LEIF in Venice Beach

Learning to LEIF in Venice Beach

Local Venice Beach Chef and Health Coach McCauley Tawpash let us record her LEIF learning process. Like most LEIF riders, McCauley has some experience skateboarding and also snowboarding. Here you can see the process of going from a very awkward start, to sliding and shredding after an hour or so of practice.

Aaron and McCauley started off the session by getting accustomed to the push start and just going super slow to get the feeling of the board. All riders spend the first 10-15 minutes jumping off the toe side and heel side while learning. This is just the brain learning the balance point and also how far you can lean on the edges.

When asked what the first few minutes felt like, McCauley admitted "It felt really difficult at first, but after a few minutes after I found my balance I got the hang of it and it became easier".

After getting accustomed to the carving, it was time for McCauley to do some laps and get a better feel for the board. Progress was fast, and after just an hour she was carving at speed. "It definitely felt like I was on the mountain snowboarding" says McCauley after getting the hang of sliding. Other videos of customers learning can be found on the Learning Process page.

McCauley's progress is a great representation of all of the main phases you'll go through on your first day. We'll be publishing more learning process videos in the future to help everyone understand what it takes to get started on LEIFTech!