[INFOGRAPHIC] LEIF Mechanics Explained

Building the LEIF eSnowboard required re-inventing the wheel by adding a motor to a free-spinning caster wheel. This drive wheel we call the SR360 is combined with customized longboard trucks to provide snowboard mechanics on pavement.

This system is adjustable for a variety of setups and riding styles - from a learning setup, to a longboard that slides, to a full snowboarding experience.

Here's a guide to how the SR360 system works and how to adjust different components to fit your unique riding style:

The LEIF rocker is the most important area of that really defines the type of ride you'll get. Experimenting with different adjustments on the LEIF rocker will help you get to understand the mechanics of the board and also find your sweet spot for riding.
The LEIF rocker is simply the difference in height off the ground between the outer trucks and the inner drive wheel.
We designed a simplified system that is customizable by simply adjusting the outer trucks. This avoids complications from adjusting the inner drive wheel that includes motors and electronics.
As you can see, the rocker is the tilt of the board relative to the ground surface. You can reduce rocker by adding spacers and lowering the difference between the height of the inner drive wheel and the outer trucks. You can increase rocker by removing spacers, or also using smaller wheels on the outside trucks.
In a nutshell, less rocker is best for learning and getting started on the LEIF. It is best to always ride with more rocker so you can get the feel and agility of snowboarding on pavement.
Use this guide to fine tune your LEIF to your specific riding style and shred the pavement!