Customer Documents First Day on LEIF

Customer Documents First Day on LEIF

LEIF customers are pioneering city snowboarding in 31 countries across the world, and some have documented their learning process. Here's a video from Cedric in France - he documented the first 90 minutes on his LEIF eSnowboard:

Here are a few takeaways from his learning process:

The first 20 minutes always feel awkward

We see this process every demo day we've hosted in Brooklyn. The SR360 wheels feel crazy at first, and riders feel like a baby giraffe feeling out their legs for the first time. Watching Ced here at the 20 minute mark vs the 60 minute mark is a night and day difference in riding. This is because it usually takes 30-60 minutes to get comfortable on the SR360 wheels - and once you do, a whole world of possibilities opens up!

Learn without the bindings 

We always recommend that first-time riders do not use the bindings during the learning process. This allows riders to jump off quickly and easily whenever they start to feel uncomfortable. You can see how Ced bails out a lot - especially in those first 20 minutes. It is always better to just jump off and try again, as this will speed up the learning process.

Gear up

You can see how Ced has prepared well with a helmet and pads. Just like snowboarding, mastering the LEIF requires confidence - and gearing up will give the confidence needed to push the boundaries and try new things. Ced is also wearing skate shoes, and this will make riding a lot easier.