LEIF Youth ESnowboard
LEIF Youth ESnowboard
LEIF Youth ESnowboard
LEIF Youth ESnowboard

LEIF Youth ESnowboard

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Full 2 Year Warranty

LEIF Warranty covers any manufacturing defects on the entire product for 2 years. That includes all motors, batteries, deck, trucks, bearings, and wheels.

International Customer Support

We support customers in 65+ countries - exchange videos of any abnormal issues and either provide instructions for customers to fix themselves or we send out new parts to replace.

Complete Snowboard Experience

Shred your city just like a snowboard - slide, spin and even jump with comfort and confidence.

Top Speed 23mph

Shred through your neighborhood and even climb hills at speeds up to 12mph (upgradeable to 23mph) supporting riders up to 350 lbs (158 kg).

Fast Swap Batteries

Shred the endless slope with batteries that swap in less than 30 seconds to extend your ride for miles.

10 mile or 15 mile Range

Choose from the 10-mile range LT2X battery or the 15-mile range LT3X battery.

TSA Airline Approved

Both LT2X and LT3X batteries are approved for international airline carry-on.

Water Resistance

LEIF electronics are located on the top of the deck, making the most water-resistant design on the market.

In the Box

Certified Customer Reviews

"This board is revolutionary. I don't use that word lightly, it really is. Especially for me. I live in FL 2 hours south of Orlando, dead center of the state. I get to snowboard maybe 4-8 days a year, most often closer to 4. Now I get to snowboard any day I want. It is a game changer for me. "

- Jason B. / Sebring, FL

Snowboarding Everywhere Dream Has Come True

Pawel R.


"This is exactly what I was searching for in order to make the year complete and not limited to winter only!"

Bryan F.


"It was a dream come true and I quickly got the hang of it… riding is all I can think about"

Obsessed with Riding LEIF

Keith B.


"I told my neighbor if someone offered me a Porsche or this board I would take the board. Gets more fun every time I ride."

David H.


"I’ve been shredding like crazy…I’m totally addicted to riding the LEIF."

LEIF is Easy to Learn

Michael T.


"I'm loving this board! Took me 3 short sessions before it all clicked. What you see in the videos is exactly what you get."

Bryan F.


"It was a dream come true and I quickly got the hang of it. My slides just started to click over last weekend and I am able to put it all together."

LEIF Improves Board Skills

Julius L.


“My friends remarked that I was riding like it was my 3rd season when it was only my 2nd. So those 2 weeks on the Leif were almost like an extra season for me. I’m looking forward to how a whole off season riding the Leif can improve my riding for next season.”

Robby G.


"I can do the front side regular, front side switch, backside regular, and backside switch 180 revert. I have even improved in my snowboarding since I have been riding my Leif board.”