LEIF Ground Tricks

Take your LEIF riding to the next level with spins, presses, butters and jumps.


About this LEIF ground tricks course

Master bailing out

Get comfortable spinning over centers

Develop personal style and creativity

This is what the LEIF was built for - expressing yourself through creativity and pushing the boundaries of the LEIF riding experience. 

Part 1: Master the bail

How to Bail out of Foot Holds

bail ground roll (coming soon)

Part 2: Spins & Centering

how to 360 spin 

720+ spins (coming soon)

Adding Style to Spins (coming Soon)

Part 3: Nose / Tail Press

Custom setup for pressing

tail presses (coming soon)

Nose presses (coming soon)

Part 4: Buttering

Tail butter (coming soon)

Nose butter (coming soon)

Part 4: Jumping

Proper ollie form (coming soon)

air Grabs (coming soon)

air Spins (coming soon)