LEIFTECH First Day Learning Process

Riding the LEIF is a lifetime of progression, with the ability to develop skills and a riding style unique to you. Progressing on the LEIF comes in phases, and here’s our best shot at describing the phases of riding using our customer examples.

The phases are measured by our customers in battery cycles – which is the amount of riding for one battery charge. If you are commuting with LEIF, then 2 battery cycles or more per day is very typical.

Customer Learning Videos

Here’s a brief video of a customer that documented the first 90-minute ride on the LEIF. For reference, this customer (Cedric & McCauley below) only has experience skateboarding and snowboarding:

Get Started With The Rolling Start (1-5 Mins)

Rolling starts will also give you a smooth start and increase battery mileage since getting started from a stop requires a ton of energy! Always use a rolling start if you want to maximize your battery range.

It doesn’t take a strong push or a ton of speed to get started. Over time you’ll learn that simply stepping on the board in a forward motion is enough to do a rolling start. If you find the board yawing on the push, then just dig into your heel edge to keep the board going straight during the push.

Gaining Balance (5-25 Mins)

Try to ride while putting the least amount of weight on your edges - LEIF riders live balanced on the center drive wheels. Put just enough weight to make your carve turn and smoothly transition to the opposite edge. It is important to learn this skill before trying to slide!

First Slides (25-60 Mins)

The most important part of learning to slide is to really visualize the snow beneath you and do your best to use your snowboarding muscle memory. Doing this is tough because your brain fights it and tries to make you ride like a skateboard – but if you can get into your snowboarding muscle memory even for a moment, it just magically works.

Weaving Slides Into Your Turns (60-120 Mins)

Once you get the slide to a stop on both edges, you have got the feeling for what it is like to slide on the LEIF. Now you’re ready to start weaving slides into your turns. Start by doing a frontside carve and letting the back end slip out a bit to engage the slide. Again, if you can summon your snowboarding muscle memory then this will just happen naturally.

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