Choosing a Deck Size

The different deck lengths change the distance between the SR360 assemblies. These can be thought of as your pivot points, and making them very far away from each other will make turning more cumbersome (like driving an SUV).

Having the SR360s too close together will make turning too tight and unstable (like driving a go kart). Everyone needs to find their perfect balance, which can be found by combining a few factors like height, stance width and riding style.

Start with your height & stance width

Your height and the sizing chart are a great first match, especially if you’ve never snowboarded before. You can also use your stance width to determine if the size is right for you.

The best way to measure stance width is to lay a tape measure on the floor with about 3 feet of tape laid out. Then get in your preferred stance and measure from the outside of your feet. Then double check that this stance is within the deck size you are considering.

Choosing a Battery

Consider your riding style

If you are on the fence between sizes, then consider how you like to ride. Choosing a larger size will make your ride more stable – but will also force you to put more effort into sliding or spinning.

Choosing a smaller size will be more nimble and easy to spin, but will also feel more unstable. In snowboarding terms, it is the difference between a powder board and a park board.

There are two battery sizes available: the LT2X and LT3X battery. There are pros and cons to each size, so consider your personal preferences, riding style and commute distance when choosing a battery.

LT2X (10 Mile Range)

Pros: lightweight (3 lbs) while still getting a lot of range. Bundles well with an additional LT2X battery as the overall range is far (20 miles) and you’ll always have a way home with a backup battery.

Cons: the only reason not to choose the LT2X is if your range is between 10-15 miles and you only want one battery

LT3X (15 Mile Range)

Pros: longest-range battery by LEIF, likely won’t need another battery for a while as 15 miles is a pretty decent workout you’ll need to build up to

Cons: heaviest battery we have (5 lbs) and also most expensive