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What is Summerboard?

Summerboard makes the world's first electronic skateboard that simulates the feeling and experience of a snowboard, so you can shred the pavement like you'd shred on the slopes.


Center wheel tilt system provides snowboard dynamics - not flat like a skateboard


Balance and drift just like you're
on a snowboard

Slide to Stop

Stop just like you're on a snowboard by sliding on the edge wheels

Foothold Control

Maximum board control with footholds
to jump

Safety - Easy Bail Out

Easy to jump out of footholds in case of emergency - like catching an edge


Electronic motors replace the power of the mountain slope

Acceleration and Stopping

Control speed with a wireless remote - like controlling the pitch of your mountain. You can use the remote to stop too.

360 Drive

Drive wheels provide power in
360 degrees


Change batteries in seconds and extend your riding range