Summerboard Mobile App (Beta)

Join us in beta-testing the new Summerboard mobile app on iOS and Android

Step 1: Download Apple TestFlight / Summerboard App

Step 2: Go through the prompts and menus inside Apple TestFlight to download the Summerboard App.

Step 3: You will receive app update notifications automatically upon release. Be sure to install the new versions as soon as they are available so you can take advantage of all of our new and exciting upcoming features!

Step 1: Download the Android APK file (App file) from our public Google Drive folder

Step 2: Approve unknown apps from Google Drive on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 3: We do not have automatic updates from Android, so please check this page periodically and we will note the release date so you can make sure you have the latest version.

Release Notes:

1.0.0 (3)

- Remote pairing capability

- Non-functional buttons and sliders for upcoming features


1.0.0 (2)

- Settings screen on swipe down

- All buttons and sliders are non-functioning


1.0.0 (1)

- Connect to board via bluetooth

- Board battery level

- Motherboard temperature