How to transport a LEIFTECH Battery

Here's a quick guide to getting through airports quickly with the LEIFTECH spare batteries.

Always remove battery from board BEFORE you leave for the airport 

Airlines allow for the transport of spare batteries, which is defines every LEIF battery. However, the LEIF is a very new product so the TSA might not be familiar with our product. Therefore, it is best practice to remove the battery from the board before getting to TSA security so they know that the battery and the board are truly separate pieces.

Always carry on your batteries & remote control 

All LEIFTECH batteries (including the remote control since it has a battery inside) must be carried on in your carry-on luggage with you inside the cabin of the plane. DO NOT ever put the battery or remote control inside checked luggage - or else TSA will confiscate your battery and possibly your luggage as well.

Show the battery sticker to TSA at security checkpoint

Our battery stickers note the watt hours located in each battery, and this is how TSA judges if the battery is allowable on the flight. The TSA Guidelines Here note that batteries are allowed that are under the 160 watt-hour maximum. Just in case your specific TSA agent is un-informed, we have included links below from the TSA website that show each battery is allowable under their guidelines: